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RemoteScan Document Scanning Software for Financial Organizations

Connect scanners to your remotely hosted document management system. Your financial sector organization, whether it’s a bank, credit union, insurance company, or mortgage company, needs a secure, error-free way to ensure that document scanners, check scanners and cameras are easy to use when your document management system is hosted in a virtual environment. The scanning workflow for critical documents containing sensitive data must also meet strict compliance policies. Additionally, scanning must be easy for your non-technical end users, requiring a minimal number of steps.

financial document scanning software
With RemoteScan, you get easy, secure, hassle-free scanning of loan applications, checks, client records, and more. This financial document scanning software offers seamless virtual integration of scanners in your Remote Desktop, Terminal Server, VMware, vWorkspace, Citrix/XenServer or LAN environment. Your end users can connect any TWAIN- or WIA-compliant scanner to their thin client, PC, tablet, or laptop, and scan directly into the banking, insurance, or mortgage software, wherever that software is hosted. The end user simply logs into the remote session, accesses the scanning utility in the remotely hosted scanning application, and RemoteScan detects the local scanner. The scanned image is immediately transmitted over the encrypted virtual channels, and is never stored on the mobile employee’s workstation. This supports a secure workflow for sensitive data. Additionally, the scanned image is immediately available on the server, ensuring real-time transmission of critical documents and resulting in fewer errors. And, RemoteScan can be easily installed by any end user, without the help of technicians.