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RemoteScan Document Scanning Software for Government

Connect scanners to your remotely hosted document management system. Document management in the public sector requires secure and error-free document scanning. By integrating a remote scanning system into your current network environment, you’re able to maximize efficiency, meet compliance requirements, use your existing hardware, reduce human error and achieve a seamless document workflow with a minimal number of steps.
RemoteScan Document Scanning Software for Government
RemoteScan provides you with a document scanning software solution that offers seamless virtual integration of scanners into your Remote Desktop, Remote Desktop Services, Microsoft Azure, VMware, or Citrix environment. Your end users simply connect any scanner to their PC or workstation and scan directly into the document management system, wherever that software is hosted. And, RemoteScan can be easily installed by any end user without the help of technicians.


Provide flexible and stable scanner connectivity over the network
When your document management software is hosted on a server, you need a remote scanning solution to ensure that your existing scanners can connect to the server-hosted software, no matter where your users are located or how complex your network. RemoteScan provides the most flexible support possible, accommodating any TWAIN and WIA compliant scanners, Fujitsu ScanSnaps, any remote desktop environment and all TWAIN and ISIS compliant document scanning programs.

Send scanned documents to your server in one fast and easy step
When your scanned documents need to be stored on your server, RemoteScan bypasses the need for a multistep document scanning process. With RemoteScan, the scanned image is immediately transmitted to the server in just one step – no need ever to initially save documents to the local workstation. What’s more, RemoteScan keeps up with high speed scanners even over the most complex networks.

Reduce the risk of human error
When documents are scanned using incorrect settings it results with scans that are difficult to read or file sizes that are too large to efficiently send over your network. Defaults and templates allow you to lock down choices for scanner settings, providing consistent results in the quality of the scanned images.

Enable a compliant scanning workflow
Achieving compliance means controlling where your sensitive data lives. If your scanned images are stored on the local endpoints, your risk of that data landing where it shouldn’t increase exponentially. With RemoteScan, the scanned images are never stored on the local workstations – they are immediately transmitted to the server using whatever encryption you already have in place.

User-friendly installation and interface
RemoteScan can be installed in under five minutes. RemoteScan presents a standard scanner interface so that end users can have a consistent experience, no matter what model of document scanner they are using.

Webcam capabilities
Enable you to use RemoteScan with imaging devices, including webcams and digital cameras, in the same way as a scanner. Software applications that incorporate either scanning or image acquisition can share and access imaging devices that are connected to remote client workstations or PCs.