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Remote Desktop Document Scanning Software for Healthcare

Ensure that your scanners can easily connect to your EHR. For hospitals, clinics and medical offices, error-free medical record and insurance card scanning is critical. You need a reliable, hassle-free document scanning solution that can support using scanners attached to local PCs while logged into your server-hosted electronic health record system (EHR) or electronic medical record system (EMR). And you need to be able to do this while ensuring compliance with strict government regulations, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). When your EHR, EMR or document management system is hosted in a Terminal Server, VMware, Citrix or Microsoft Azure environment, you can easily connect your document scanners to any ISIS or TWAIN scanning application using RemoteScan.
RemoteScan makes insurance card and medical records scanning an easy, stable and secure process even in the most complex network environments, helping you avoid costly document scanning backlogs.  To scan, you simply log into your EMR via your remote session, navigate to the patient record, then initiate the scan. The scanned medical record is immediately transmitted to the server without touching the local endpoint. Whatever automated post-scanning functions your EMR has can now occur, such as optical character recognition (OCR), indexing, barcode scanning and more. Elements such as DPI, color depth and image dimensions can be preset with customizable defaults and templates in RemoteScan. This takes the guesswork out of medical records scanning, reducing the risk of human error and helping you meet your quality assurance goals.


One-step scanning into the patient record
Eliminates the need for multiple steps with medical records scanning – no need to first save the scanned image to a local or shared drive to then upload later. RemoteScan offers one-step scanning and enables you to seamlessly take advantage of the post-scanning functions of your EMR’s document scanning utility.

Enables using a variety of image capture devices
Digital X-ray machines, intraoral cameras, webcams, digital microscopes and digital cameras can all be used with RemoteScan, in addition to scanners.

Keeps up with high speed scanners
Lossy and lossless compression as well as customizable defaults ensures that scan speeds stay fast without compromising image quality.

Supports all virtualization platforms
RemoteScan works in any kind of virtual desktop environment – Terminal Server, Citrix, VMware Horizon View, Remote Desktop Services and Microsoft Azure.

Supports HIPAA compliance
Scanned images are immediately transmitted to the server, not stored on the local endpoint. Additionally, RemoteScan uses the virtual channels to transmit the scanned image, inheriting whatever encryption is already in place – no new ports are opened.