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Data preparation and analysis

Self-service data preparation, easy provisioning and streamlined reporting

Complete your data preparation tasks up to 50% faster. We provide desktop-based, self-service solutions that enable your business analysts to receive data in real time – every time. Benefit from easy-to -deploy collaboration solutions that enable your analyst teams to work in a secure, governed environment. Make the road to insights shorter no matter your data preparation end goal – analytics, routine reporting, ad-hoc reports or data exploration for business process improvement.

Streamline data preparation and automate reporting tasks to improve the productivity of your analyst teams.


Experience higher productivity, better collaboration, enhanced efficiency and more with automated tools that simplify and improve data preparation through self-service data access, querying, profiling, reporting and sharing.

Data access and preparation

Ensure steady data flow into your analysts’ work stream from any database or data source. Switch database technologies without impacting the downstream business reporting processes. Enable your analysts to meet current and future data demands with connectivity to over 50 data sources that are available out-of-the-box for almost instant deployment.

Data profiling, querying and transformation

Save time by automating your data preparation activities. Toad Data Point provides invaluable tools for cross-connection querying, data quality assessment, data profile analysis, data manipulation and automated reporting. Elevate the proficiency of technical and non-technical users across a breadth of database technologies.


Spend more time using data to drive your business forward. Take advantage of powerful capabilities that automate and schedule common reporting tasks for improved efficiency, such as sending reports to data consumers by email or refreshing a dataset on the server on a certain frequency.

Team collaboration and sharing

Empower your analysts to seamlessly work together. We deliver a collaborative, simple-to-deploy, server-based application platform that allows users to leverage each other’s queries, SQL scripts, automation workflows, curated datasets and more. With Active Directory integration, you can securely leverage individual power user work for the benefit of the team and ensure governance. Easily abstract your data sources and host raw or prepared datasets.

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