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Erwin Data Modeler for Couchbase


Quest and Couchbase

Modernize your application with erwin Data Modeler by Quest and Couchbase

Increasingly, organizations that are undergoing digital transformation are also migrating from RDBMS to NoSQL, which helps to make their modern applications more flexible, scalable and affordable. The in-memory speed, SQL familiarity and JSON flexibility are primary reasons that so many choose Couchbase’s multi-model database. erwin Data Modeler by Quest supports native integration of Couchbase for both RDBMS migrations and new enterprise applications.

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Modernization made simple with Data Modeling for Couchbase

As organizations maximize the benefits of digital transformation in mobile technology, ecommerce, IoT and personalized experiences, they look to optimize how applications interact with data stores. Couchbase provides enterprises with a credible alternative to rigid RDBMS structures, enabling more flexible, scalable and affordable database deployments.

To accelerate your organization’s digital transformation, your application development process requires a strong commitment to data modeling and governance. Couchbase delivers the ideal development platform via a single database that fuses the strengths of relational and NoSQL, while Quest’s erwin platform layers in a powerful enterprise data governance experience. This powerful combination extracts the full value from your data and apps.

Quest’s erwin platform supports native integration with Couchbase for both legacy RDBMS migrations and new enterprise applications. It makes detailed documentation of the highly normalized RDBMS schema and automates the denormalization and retargeting of schema to Couchbase. Together with erwin Data Modeler, customers can embark on their database migration journey with confidence and bridge the gap between legacy infrastructure and the new.

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