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Quest On Demand

Your go-to SaaS dashboard for tackling Microsoft challenges in a hybrid world. Quest On Demand is a secure, reliable, Azure-hosted SaaS platform for migrations, auditing, recovery, group management and license management offering easy onboarding and configuration; automatic updates for new features and security patches and flexible licensing that allows you to purchase only the modules you need.

Quest On Demand Dashboard Tour 02:40

You’ve moved to Office 365 and now it’s critical to tackle the daunting task of managing users and workloads before they become overwhelming. You want to avoid the pitfalls of compliance concerns, coexistence challenges and risks of security threats. Add to that the constant consolidation required with merger and acquisition activity, and the risk of trying to manage all of this with native tools becomes untenable. Enter Quest On Demand, your go-to SaaS dashboard for tackling Microsoft challenges in a hybrid world.

On Demand Products

Overview of On Demand Migration 04:58

On Demand Migration

Quickly and safely migrate directories, mailboxes and shared data from one Office 365 tenant to another with instant coexistence. With On Demand Migration, you can accelerate your project by identifying potential issues early, plan and automate your move while also monitoring progress throughout. And simple client configuration helps get your users working efficiently post migration to ensure your Office 365 migration goes as smooth as possible.

Key Features

  • Pre-migration discovery
  • Account, mailbox and data migration
  • Collaboration and coexistence
  • Real-time dashboard monitoring
On Demand Audit product overview 07:06

On Demand Audit

As you move more workloads to the Microsoft cloud, your reliance on Azure AD will increase, and so will the risk and complexity in securing your hybrid environment. Unfortunately, native auditing tools are difficult to configure and interpret and the Office 365 or Azure AD security logs do not provide consolidated views of on-premises and cloud activity. On Demand Audit tracks all configuration, user and administrator changes made across AD, Azure AD, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Teams. With it you can quickly investigate incidents with responsive search and interactive data visualization, and store audit history for up to 10 years in the On Demand tenant.

Key Features

  • Hosted auditing dashboard
  • Hybrid identity auditing
  • Responsive, flexible search
  • Interactive data visualizations
  • Real-time alerts on the move
On Demand Recovery overview 02:43

On Demand Recovery

Quickly, securely back up and recover Azure AD and Teams data to eliminate downtime as well as negative impact to end users. With On Demand Recovery, you can run difference reports that compare your backups with live Azure AD to identify cloud-only users or attributes and pinpoint specific changes or deletions. On Demand Recovery also enables you to granularly search and restore exactly what you need — even individual attributes — or recover multiple users, groups and group memberships in bulk without requiring PowerShell scripting so you can mitigate the risk of data loss from human error and save valuable time and resources

Key Features

  • Secure, encrypted Azure AD and Office 365 backups
  • Azure AD and Office 365 bulk restore — including hard deletes
  • Difference reporting between backups and live Azure AD
  • Granular search and restore capability
  • Intuitive hybrid AD and Azure AD recovery dashboard
Using the Admin dashboard in On Demand Group Management 03:03

On Demand Group Management

Get full control of Azure AD, Office 365 and hybrid AD groups across your organization — all in a single application — to mitigate security and compliance risks caused by group sprawl and access creep. Ensure that on-premises and cloud groups conform to standard naming conventions, have clear ownership with an established purpose and empower users to safely create and manage groups while reducing the reliance on IT.

  • Implement a hybrid approach to group management
  • Prevent group sprawl with creation policies
  • Enable user self-service while maintaining order through a pre-selected policy framework for group creation, naming, attestation, expiration, etc.
  • Easily enforce rules as groups are created via a self-service UI.
  • Continually validate group membership through automated attestation.
On Demand License Management

On Demand License Management

Office 365 license management is a crucial role that ensures the optimum number of licenses are available to support your business today and into the future and, more importantly, that you aren't spending valuable IT budget on more licenses than you really need. Using an intuitive dashboard, you can gain complete visibility into Microsoft Office 365 and Azure AD licenses and get the reporting capabilities you need to more easily achieve optimal license utilization, display and analyze trends and estimate license costs and loss. The bottom line… you can maintain license control and save your company money!

Key Features:

  • Determine how many Office 365 licenses are available and who are they assigned to.
  • Determine if your end users are using the Office 365 services that have been provisioned.
  • Customize rates to your organization to reveal real costs
  • Understand what the cost of un-utilized or under-utilized licenses are. And if you should consider a new licensing plan

Why Quest On Demand?

Fast, easy setup

Onboard with ease. No installation, no upgrades, no complex configuration — no sweat!

Secure and reliable SaaS

Quest On Demand delivers the security standards, service level and scalability that you need, backed by award-winning, global support ready to help you 24/7/365.

Rapid innovation

We keep pace with Microsoft updates so you don’t have to. Automatic updates deliver new features and security patches quickly and without any effort on your part.

ISO certifications

Quest On Demand is ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO/IEC 27017:2015 and ISO 27018:2019 certified