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The best just got better – Workspace Asset Manager version 9

A feature of the Asset Manager

Asset Manager Version 9.5 is now easier to use, as well as more powerful, flexible and robust than ever. Gain control of your assets, implement best practices and streamline the audit process, all while saving money with Asset Manager.

How it works:

Increased software titles
Now has 500,000 software titles in the software DNA.
Latest platform support
Supports Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.
New Microsoft App-V Connector
Fully supports applications that are deployed and used on the Microsoft App-V platform. With the App-V Connector, Asset Manager 9.5 can collect information from the App-V server to:
  • Report on what users can access
  • Report on what devices can access
  • Report on what applications are being used
Report on metering
Which users are actually using the applications and whether the applications were streamed or run locally.
With the App-V Connector, you will know which users are able to access applications streamed from the Microsoft Application Virtualization Server (App-V Server) and how these applications are being used (metering). You will also discover which users are running what applications and how they’re using them -- local or streamed. This helps your organization save on software license costs by enabling you to properly manage licenses, even in virtual environments. You can also find out if users never opened their application using App-V.
Windows 7 compatibility reports
Get migration reports with an extension of the rich Asset Manager Software DNA. You can see Windows 7 and 64-bit compatibility data and end of support information out of the box.
New generic baseline imports
Cleanse and rationalize inventory data from any structured source with the new generic baseline import functionality. As long as your data contains the software title, version and the machine on which it is installed, Asset Manager can provide you with a complete Microsoft inventory report. If you have software usage data in your inventory file, Asset Manager can tell you where to uninstall software and re-harvest the licenses. With this new functionality, Asset Manager now supports all inventory and deployment solutions platforms that can deliver raw inventory data.
Separate license entitlement
Save time and effort with separate inventory and license entitlement. You can purchase licenses and enter them into Asset Manager even if the software isn’t installed. It can be assigned automatically when the software is subsequently installed.
Report host/virtual instances
Many licensing programs have restrictions with respect to software licensing and virtual machines. Asset Manager 9.5 makes it easy to get a complete overview with the new reports available.
New quick jumps and views
Significantly increase navigation speed with the new quick jumps and views in Asset Manager 9.5. Store frequently used pages in a quick jump menu and access them with a single click.
New Native Windows and MAC Agent
Collect extended hardware information for improved determination of CPU manufacturer, number of CPUs and COREs.