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Application Compatibility Testing

A feature of ChangeBASE

Achieve application readiness to efficiently upgrade operating systems, apply patch updates and deploy virtualized packages across your entire application estate without worry by using ChangeBASE to assess compatibility first. Accurately scope the time and cost of migrations so you can prioritize and plan for application deployments or migrations.

How it works:

Proactively identify compatibility issues
Improve application delivery by automatically importing any type of application installer (including in-house apps) and assessing for compatibility before deploying. Proactively identify potential compatibility issues upfront and resolve them quickly and easily. For many issues, auto-fixes are available to remediate your offending applications. Save on resources and delivery times.
Microsoft patch impact assessment
Reduce security risks and speed up the deployment of Microsoft security updates and patches by completing patch impact assessments within minutes.
Automatically assess and convert applications
Bulk import MSI and virtualized application packages while automatically converting legacy installers to MSI or virtual application formats. These applications can then be assessed against all your target platforms in one go to quickly determine compatibility.
Scope resources for migration
Accurately scope and determine application compatibility, as well as the time and resources needed for migrations to Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2 or 2012 R2.
Accelerate virtual application adoption
Compare compatibility ratings in order to accelerate the adoption of virtual application solutions, including Microsoft App-V, Citrix XenApp Streaming Profiler, VMware ThinApp or Symantec SWV.
Determine virtual desktop and RDS needs
Simply assess compatibility for virtual, server, hosted and traditional clients in one pass.
Detect web compatibility issues
Check web applications to detect potential web application compatibility issues when deploying to Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers.
Microsoft Office dependency assessment
Identify Microsoft Office-dependent applications to prepare for Microsoft Office 2007-2013 migrations.
Customize assessment checks
Gain control by authoring your own company-specific checks and fixes for your applications.