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Save time and simplify the installation of operating systems across your network by easily provisioning your PC fleet with the KACE K2000 Systems Deployment Appliance. Install software remotely and maintain up-to-date gold master images across diverse hardware platforms. Use existing images to provision one-off machines to serve specialized functions. The K2000’s network OS-scripted installation capabilities enable hardware-independent PC provisioning of systems by deploying a standard Windows setup from scratch over the network.

How it works:

Hardware-independent deployment
Use the K2000’s scripted installation to automate Windows installation over your network. Remotely install software to any desktop, laptop or server with a single scripted installation, regardless of computer hardware configuration. This remote, unattended installation reduces the costs and complexity of deployment, and saves valuable IT time. Scripted installations provide a reliable and customizable method for deployment in heterogeneous hardware environments and an efficient way to build and maintain gold master configurations. You can also easily integrate applications and files with scripted installations, enabling complete systems provisioning with far less effort.
Pre- and post-installation tasks
Streamline all of your system installation tasks with scripted installations. The K2000’s pre-installation tasks include disk, RAID and BIOS configuration, and its post-installation tasks include sysprep automation, domain joining, and service pack, application and script deployment.
Automated driver slipstreaming
Simplify network OS provisioning by automatically including the correct drivers in each setup to slipstream drivers. Prior to deployment, quickly verify whether all required drivers reside in the vast, prebuilt K2000 driver library, and easily add any missing drivers to the library to automatically include them in deployments. Increase system reliability and ease of deployment with driver verification reporting and automated slipstream updates of drivers.



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Massive Increase in Devices?

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