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OS Management, Deployment and Update

For many organizations today, operating systems provisioning, management and maintenance is a tedious, time consuming and error-prone task that gobbles up your IT staff’s precious time. As your IT environment continues to get larger and more complex, manual processes and point solutions become increasingly unsustainable.

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To see if your organization is ready for a more effective approach to OS provisioning and management, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do users — or management — complain that it takes too long to configure and deploy new systems?
  • Do you need to provision multiple operating systems, including both Windows and Mac?
  • Are you struggling to ensure that drivers are up to date across all devices on your network?
  • Do you wish you had a way to automatically deploy hundreds or thousands of systems running a variety of operating systems?
  • Do you need to be able to create and maintain more gold master images, efficiently and without errors?
  • Do you dread OS migrations, knowing you’ll be putting in long days and weekends to achieve only limited success

Learn how to save time with automated imaging, deployment, and management while reducing cost and being more efficient:

  • Collecting detailed hardware inventory on target systems
  • Storing all deployment assets in one easy-to-manage, secure location
  • Streamlining the capture and management of hardware-independent images
  • Automatically downloading and deploying the latest drivers
  • Automating pre and post-deployment tasks, such as RAID and BIOS configuration, and application and scripted installation
  • Enabling provisioning of deployment assets over the network, even for bare-metal machines
  • Sending the same bits of deployment data simultaneously to multiple devices (multicasting) to greatly increase speed and reliability while reducing network bandwidth consumption
  • Enabling remote repair and recovery of systems using native Windows and Mac tools (including native imaging tools)

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