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Streamline your large-scale systems imaging projects with the KACE Systems Deployment Appliance’s powerful multicasting capabilities. You’ll save time, improve speed and reliability, and lighten the load on network resources and bandwidth.

How it works:

Simultaneous, multisystem deployment
Use multicasting to deploy the same image simultaneously to multiple systems and improve imaging performance. Ensure the reliability and robustness of your multicast with two-way communication between target devices on your broadcast network and the KACE SDA server. Gain confidence that your deployments stay on track with frequent status updates and rebroadcast requests.
Reduced bandwidth consumption
Send a single image over your network once to multiple systems with multicasting using the KACE SDA and greatly reduce the amount of bandwidth consumed by large-scale deployments, depending on the size of your image and the number of systems involved. Combine multicasting with the KACE SDA’s powerful task engine to enable true lights-off software distribution to further reduce bandwidth consumption and improve network performance during work hours.



KACE for K-12 Education
KACE for K-12 Education

Easily perform initial provisioning and administration of system images and driver updates