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Remote Site Management

Extend the KACE Systems Deployment Appliance to reduce the time it takes to manage systems at multiple off-site locations with the remote administration and management capabilities of the virtual KACE SDA Remote Site Appliance (KACE SDA RSA). The KACE SDA RSA provides the ability to network boot devices for local deployment at the remote site, instead of across your WAN, saving network bandwidth, time and speed, eliminating costly travel and shipping of media and systems.

Remote Site Management

How it works:


Dramatically decrease the time and complexity of managing a multisite organization. The KACE SDA RSA can be added from the KACE SDA administrator’s web-based console, which enables the ability to synchronize various components and upload images to deploy at the remote site.

Centralized deployment library

Easily stage images and scripted installations, along with related assets such as boot environments, captured user profiles, drivers, applications and scripts, at remote sites. Reduce network impact and maintenance effort by automatically updating assets via the smart synchronization of changes only.