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Task Automation Engine

Get true lights-off automated deployment with the KACE Systems Deployment Appliance's powerful automated deployment tools. The KACE SDA task automation software engine is unlike traditional image deployment tools because it enables you to easily automate Windows tasks and control the order of your deployment tasks. This ensures your deployment tasks finish smoothly and reboots are completed gracefully. You stay in control because the KACE SDA server is kept updated with live status of the target devices.

For example, you can schedule an entire computer lab in a remote building to be reimagined overnight, return the next morning and determine at a glance which deployments were completed successfully, or which failed and why. The task automation software engine makes all of this fast, simple and effective.

Task Automation Engine

How it works:

Task sequencing engine

Easily control and track deployment progress for each device in real time with the KACE System Deployment Appliance’s task sequencing engine. The task sequencing engine provides two-way communication between the KACE SDA server and the systems being deployed. Rest easy knowing that each stage — from image deployment to reboots and post-deployment application installation — is handled properly and with the correct task sequence.

The KACE SDA makes it easy to fulfill all your organization's system provisioning needs with capabilities for inventory assessment, OS and image deployment, user state migration, system configuration, application installation and recovery.

Use the KACE SDA’s task scheduler engine to set up delayed, automated deployments. Combined with the KACE SDA’s task sequencing engine, the task scheduler makes it easy to schedule a deployment to a large number of devices during non-work hours. Schedule automated deployments for a single device or hundreds of devices.

KACE SDA task automation software engine enables you to easily automate Windows tasks and deploy using unicast or multicast methodology. KACE SDA enables you to build a flexible library of tasks that can then be delivered in a zero-touch way; you're in the driver's seat, but you don't have to drive!

Feedback engine

Get simplified, concise and centralized logging of all deployments from the KACE System Deployment Appliance’s feedback engine, all while you automate Windows tasks.

Throughout the deployment, you will be able to view all of the current devices and their tasks in the task automation software that are currently scheduled for this deployment, such as create a partition, apply image, copy post install files and update configuration for OS tasks. The task engine also communicates in real time with each system as it's being deployed. So, you can see exactly what's happening throughout the process. This two-way communication also enables the KACE SDA to handle complex deployment tasks, such as multiple reboots.

After a deployment is complete, quickly and easily obtain information about which deployments were successful and which failed. Easily determine exactly where failures occurred for faster troubleshooting and resolution.