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Windows Deployment and Updates

A feature of the KACE Systems Deployment Appliance. Streamline migrations by automatically deploying user-specific files and settings along with the operating system and applications — and virtually eliminate the risk of losing critical information. The KACE Systems Deployment Appliance includes user state management that enables you to specify precisely what data will be transferred in a migration. When users launch their new computer or operating system for the first time, it will contain all the necessary information and applications from their old computer or operating system.

Conduct driver updates for all the machines you support with one click. The KACE SDA driver manager will automatically download and organize them by computer model.
Windows Deployment and Updates

How it works:

​Centralized user state management

All captured user states are stored in the KACE SDA’s centralized deployment library, and a convenient graphical menu enables you to quickly access the appropriate user states to place alongside a network OS install or image. Whether a computer needs to accommodate one or multiple users, the KACE SDA facilitates easy provisioning.


Migration templates

Save time with migration templates that allow you to easily specify what data types and other resources you’d like to migrate. You can also exclude items by file type, such as sound or video files, or exclude specific parts of user folders, such as Shared Music or Shared Pictures folders.


Intuitive graphical interface

Simplify everyday tasks and eliminate the need for expensive, time-consuming training with the KACE SDA user state migration tool. The KACE SDA’s intuitive user interface enables you to capture or load user states with the click of a button, eliminating the need to learn and remember complicated command-line syntax so administrators at all levels can quickly be effective.


Offline migration

Streamline new OS deployments by using a pre-install task to migrate data offline without needing to first boot computers in their old operating systems. Simply choose the appropriate migration template to recover the files and settings, and restore users automatically after the OS deployment is complete.


Seamless migration

The KACE SDA’s user state migration makes it easy to deploy user-specific files and settings along with an operating system and applications, reducing the risk of losing this critical data. Use migration templates to specify precisely what data will be transferred, and thereby help users comply with policies mandating that they not store certain types of data, such as personal music and video files, on company computers.

Automated driver updates

Update drivers for all the machines you support with one click. The KACE SDA driver manager will automatically download and organize drivers by computer model. It automatically detects the brand and model of all hardware, peripheral devices and software drivers, ensuring accurate driver updates. The KACE SDA even automatically imports Dell™ software drivers directly, minimizing the need for you to hunt for drivers on the internet while ensuring that the appropriate drivers are available for all your OS deployments.