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Server Management and Monitoring

The KACE Systems Management Appliance delivers comprehensive server management and monitoring tools as part of its “anypoint” systems management capabilities, including agentless inventory, systems log monitoring, software distribution, and service-desk capabilities for Windows, Linux, UNIX* and Mac systems. If you’ve been using a reactive approach to your server health — fixing it after it breaks — or cobbling together disparate management and monitoring tools, you can now rely on a single solution to maintain your servers and maximize uptime.

How it works:

Server monitoring
Experience a higher level of server log monitoring for Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX platforms that’s easy to configure and fully integrated with KACE SMA’s service desk and KACE Go Mobile Application. And it doesn’t stop there; the KACE SMA’s server monitoring is extensible, meaning you can expand its capabilities to include threshold monitoring for key CPU, memory, and disk metrics, as well as monitor for requested applications.
Service desk
The KACE SMA service desk is part of a single UI that’s fully integrated with its asset and server management capabilities. Enjoy easy access to context-sensitive information across all your computers and servers, or provide remote support for clients directly from the KACE SMA service desk. Best of all, IT managers can rest assured knowing that all activities are tracked, ensuring easy benchmarking and auditing.
Agentless inventory of Windows, Unix, Linux, and Mac platforms
Are you concerned about performance drags on your servers if you install an agent on them? The KACE SMA now provides agentless inventory for Windows servers and PCs, as well as Linux, UNIX and Mac systems. You can ensure resources aren’t wasted tracking your server environment and avoid potential compliance issues with adherence to applicable regulations.
The KACE SMA’s simple web interface makes generating accurate reports a snap. All of your hardware, software and OS inventory can be quickly viewed from the inventory tab, or from the “alerts and reports” section, and the KACE SMA’s wizard-based reporting makes getting that information into the right hands easier than ever.
*Software distribution not available on UNIX platforms.