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On Demand Group Management

Regain peace of mind and control of Azure AD, Office 365 and hybrid AD groups. On Demand Group Management is a simple SaaS solution that controls the chaos of managing Azure AD, Office 365 and hybrid AD groups. Mitigate security and compliance risks with robust group creation policies while easily enforcing rules as groups are created. Ensure that on-premises and cloud groups conform to standard naming conventions, have clear ownership with an established purpose and empower users to safely create and manage groups while reducing the reliance on IT.

On Demand Group Management - Reduce IT workload
IT organizations across the world have a dirty little secret

IT organizations across the world have a dirty little secret – their environments are a mess. The culprit? Active Directory’s exponential growth and years of unmanaged groups. Group management challenges, while significant, are not a new problem – and are only increasing at an alarming rate with the adoption of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. The lack of visibility and manageability of groups across an environment – especially a hybrid one – can lead to group sprawl and authorization creep, leaving organizations vulnerable to serious security and compliance risk. On Demand Group Management changes all that, making it possible to regain control of Azure AD, Office 365 and hybrid AD groups.

Key Benefits

Single console visibility

Increase visibility by managing groups via a single console.

Eliminate group chaos

Keep order in your environment with rules for group creation, naming, attestation, expiration, etc.

Reduce IT workload

Confidently offload administrator workloads to end users using a self-service UI.

Self-service UI

Empower users to create and manage their own groups within a pre-selected framework.

Automated Attestation

Continually validate group membership through automated attestation.

Hybrid Group Management

Discover the creation and modification of all types of groups including cloud only groups, on-premises groups or both.

See what you can do

Automated management
Rule-based groups
Self-service UI
Hybrid Group Management
Automated management

Enable your administrators to create groups for users with access to when, where and how long they need it, with automation. Create static groups where membership can be tightly controlled for security or compliance.


Dashboard View
Hybrid Support
Self Service User Request
Self Service User Request Status
Create Naming Rule
Set Attestation Frequency
Dashboard View

Dashboard View

Quickly view group statistics, such as most populated groups, overall count and the status of the On Demand Group Management system.

ISO certifications

ISO certifications
Quest On Demand is included in the scope of the Platform Management ISO/IEC 27001, 27017 and 27018 certification.


Available in the following Microsoft Azure regions:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • North Europe
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

The following web browsers are supported with On Demand:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)

For full system requirements please visit the On Demand page on our support site.

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Control the chaos of Azure AD, Office 365 and hybrid AD groups.

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