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Sensitive Content Manager for Files

Scan and report on sensitive data in file shares for simplified management. File shares are everywhere. Like it or not, everyone uses them to store personal and work files, adding additional stress to VPNs when required for work and creating potential security vulnerabilities for your organization. What if you could locate all potentially sensitive data in your users’ file shares so it can be properly managed, whether prior to migration or in the event of an audit?

Sensitive Content Manager for Files
Sensitive Content Manager for Files

With Sensitive Content Manager for Files, you can scan for and report on the sensitive data, including PII, PHI and PCI, in your users’ various file shares. Rest assured that you can now locate all the sensitive files in your environment to protect against accidental or malicious leaks.

Key benefits

Data loss prevention

Prevents sensitive data from being accidentally or maliciously leaked outside the organization

Departmental separation

Keeps sensitive content from being shared unnecessarily

Migration safeguards

Ensures data is migrated responsibly

Audit accuracy

Meets audit demands by accurately locating sensitive data so it can be retained or managed as needed


Comprehensive file scan

Find the unsecured sensitive content you’re looking for with the ability to create custom search terms and scanning profiles, or get started immediately using out-of-the-box search profiles we’ve set based on common cases.

Simplified detection review

Review the detection report directly from Sensitive Content Manager, or export results and distribute them to your team to make sure users know what was detected and where.

Migration planning with insights

Use the Sensitive Content Manager detection report to help clean up files that are a risk prior to migration. Better determine the security required in the target environment to safely manage the types of incoming content.

Integration with other Quest solutions

Don’t wait until you’ve already migrated your content into the cloud to start looking for sensitive data like PII, PHI and PCI. Separate or tag sensitive data using search term filters during migration with Content Matrix or Secure Copy.