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Predictive Business Continuity

Optimize IT infrastructure while maximizing protection and availability.

Many IT organizations face significant risk of business disruption from countless unforeseen events, leading to lost revenue, lost business productivity and, worse, lost customers.

IT managers need a way to remove complexity and costs, gain visibility into hybrid IT environments, and protect systems proactively.

Our Predictive Business Continuity solution takes a proactive approach to infrastructure optimization and data protection so you can realize the maximum value from your hybrid IT environment while reducing risk of business disruption from the constant threat of cyber-attacks, system failures and data loss. Learn more.

Achieving Predictive Business Continuity


Remove complexity, gain deep visibility, maximize protection and reclaim underused resources with Predictive Business Continuity from Quest. See how our portfolio of products address each capability.

Remove complexity

Remove the complexity and cost from your existing environment and unlock budget and staff time to fully embrace critical business initiatives like digital transformation. Minimize VM monitoring complexity with the real-time analytics of Foglight for Virtualization, which identifies over- or under-utilized VMs. Reduce data protection complexity with Rapid Recovery, which protects across multiple sites and the cloud from a single cloud-based console.

Gain deep visibility

Get complete visibility into your hybrid IT environment with Foglight for Virtualization, which automatically optimizes your systems to proactively avoid problems before they happen. Gain unmatched visibility into VMware and Hyper-V environments with monitoring and management across the entire virtualization infrastructure stack. Gain deeper visibility into your storage infrastructure, uncovering storage issues that might impact your virtual environment. 

Maximize protection

Protect systems, applications and data in physical and virtual environments whether on-premises, a remote site or in the cloud with Rapid Recovery. Achieve near-continuous data protection and instant recovery with zero impact on your users . Monitor and manage your entire data protection environment — across multiple sites and even in the cloud — from a single cloud-based management console. Implement easy DRaaS in the cloud with just a few clicks.

Reduce OPEX and CAPEX

Automate data protection across the enterprise with Rapid Recovery to increase staff productivity and reduce storage costs by up to 93 percent with its compression and deduplication technologies. Identify and reclaim under-used resources in your VMware or Hyper-V environments with Foglight for Virtualization, which identifies and removes powered-off or zombie VMs, and returns under-provisioned resources back into your resource pool.

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