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Deciding Which Security Event Logs to Collect and How to Process Them in Your SIEM and Beyond

  • Datum der Aufzeichnung:Apr. 11, 2019
  • Veranstaltung:Aufgezeichnete

Using SIEM to check every log with security value can be overwhelming and costly. Collecting logs is vital to detecting, analyzing and preventing security breaches, but not every log has to be sent through your SIEM.

Watch this webcast on-demand to hear from cybersecurity expert Randy Franklin Smith and Bryan Patton from Quest as they describe, discuss and contrast the different ways you can handle your log data.

You’ll also get a look at how you can send logs to the powerful and affordable InTrust and learn how Change Auditor can feed high value security events to your SIEM without all the noise of the native logs.


  • Randy Franklin Smith - Cybersecurity Expert
  • Bryan Patton - Principal Solutions Consultant

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