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Conversational Geek e-book: Hybrid AD Security Investigation & Recovery

There are many changes within your hybrid Active Directory (AD) environment that can be indicative of a breach, making AD’s current state no longer trustworthy. To determine if this has occurred, you need to ask yourself: Will these changes affect business continuity? A simple erroneous change within your on-premises AD will propagate across all of AD and into Azure AD, making it difficult to recover (for example, forest schema corruption). So you need to treat hybrid and cloud recovery the same way you would any other AD disaster.

In this informative e-book, cloud expert Nick Cavalancia will explore how to:

  • Reduce incident response time investigations across your environment
  • Automate your AD business continuity plan (BCP)
  • Minimize your recovery time objective (RTO) in the event of a security incident that causes partial or total damage across your AD infrastructure