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What You Don't Know About Office 365 and Azure AD

What You Don't Know About Office 365 and Azure AD

Moving to the Microsoft cloud? With this ebook, What You Don't Know about Office 365 and Azure AD, you can be prepared. It explores three of the key challenges you’ll face, filling in common knowledge gaps and debunking widespread misconceptions. You’ll learn how to master:

  • Azure Active Directory recovery: See exactly which recovery scenarios are covered by native tools (like Recycle Bin recovery) and third-party on-prem solutions — and which are not. Discover how to get the comprehensive, enterprise recovery capabilities you need to minimize risk to your workflows and your business.
  • Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migration: Today, IT pros need to be prepared to efficiently merge two or more Office 365 tenants, whether due a merger or acquisition, or a consolidate effort to improve security and productivity. Understand the challenges involved and how to ensure a successful project, even though there are no native tools to help.
  • Hybrid auditing: Many IT pros still face a steep challenge of effectively auditing the on-premises Activity Directory being synched to their tenant and accurately correlating that on-prem data with the Microsoft 365 audit stream to get a unified view of the IT ecosystem. We’ll review why overcoming this challenge is difficult with native tools, and how Quest solutions deliver the hybrid auditing you need for strong security.
  • Group management: we’ll discuss the challenges of managing groups across a hybrid environment and explain how Quest can simplify group management, regardless of where the group originates.
What You Don't Know About Office 365 and Azure AD

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