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Performance Monitoring 

Quest performance monitoring products provide centralized visibility into your databases and virtual infrastructure so you can proactively optimize and tune database performance. Get end-to-end performance monitoring for a wide range of platforms including databases, operating systems, virtual machines, containers, Kubernetes and more – on premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. Experience more uptime and better performance today and tomorrow.

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Foglight for Databases
Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise
Foglight for SQL Server
Foglight for Oracle
Foglight for PostgreSQL
Foglight for Databases ensures the health of your database environment 01:58

Foglight for Databases

With more on your plate than ever – from massive data volumes and multiple database platforms, to DevOps and the cloud – cross-platform database monitoring is critical. You can’t afford any database downtime or performance degradation.

It’s easy to get caught up in fighting fires reactively, but what if you could prevent them in the first place? You could avoid risk and stress, spend more time on strategic initiatives and ensure your business runs smoothly.

Foglight cross-platform database software allows you to proactively improve database performance and increase visibility by monitoring all your diverse databases centrally, through a single console. With alerting, diagnostics, performance analytics and more, you’ll easily optimize database health – across your entire environment.

Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise provides deep insight into database health 01:58

Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise

SQL Server environments are becoming more complex while remaining a critical component of your application architecture. It’s a struggle to keep up with this continual growth without the right SQL monitoring tools. What if you could proactively manage your SQL Server environment and diagnose database performance issues by viewing the health of all your SQL Server instances on a single screen, anytime, anywhere on any device? You can with the right SQL Server monitoring tool.

With Spotlight® on SQL Server Enterprise, you can manage your SQL Server environment while also gaining visibility into your operating system – Windows or Linux – and also monitor your virtualization infrastructure. Make configuration a breeze with templates, automated alerts and customizable actions. Spend less time fighting fires by accurately diagnosing real-time and historical database performance issues, and focus on more proactive measures like query tuning.

Foglight for SQL Server ensures the health of your SQL Server infrastructure 01:53

Foglight for SQL Server

Your SQL Server environment continues to grow and you’re working harder than ever to improve SQL Server performance. But you can’t fix what you can’t see. Once a SQL Server performance problem occurs, you’re already in reactive mode, spending time fixing issues instead of innovating and preventing problems. But what if you had a better SQL Server performance monitor? Switching from subpar SQL Server tuning tools to a more powerful, all-inclusive solution would enable you to proactively manage SQL Server health.

With Foglight® for SQL Server, you can quickly diagnose and resolve SQL Server performance problems and optimize your workloads to prevent future issues. This SQL Server tuning tool includes real-time and historical diagnostics, reporting and more, so you can confidently ensure the health of your entire database environment.

Foglight for Oracle ensures the health of your Oracle database environment 02:19

Foglight for Oracle

Oracle monitoring – sounds simple, right? Not without the right monitoring tools. When you’re managing increasingly complex database environments, both on premises and in the cloud, it’s hard to keep up. What if you could easily get the information you need to improve Oracle monitoring and tuning? This would mean you could proactively manage the health and performance of your Oracle databases, quickly resolving issues before end users could be affected.

With Foglight® for Oracle, you get unrivaled performance information and advanced Oracle monitoring to prevent costly downtime. This monitoring software provides alerting and notifications, real-time and historical diagnostics, as well as reporting, plus unmatched analytics of collected data. Take Oracle monitoring to the next level with Foglight for Oracle.

Foglight for PostgreSQL ensures the health of your PostgreSQL infrastructure 02:13

Foglight for PostgreSQL

Your organization turned to PostgreSQL because it’s a cost-effective, stable and scalable database option. However, introducing open source technology into your enterprise database can challenge DBAs like you to realize the benefits and cost savings that the platform can provide.

What if you could proactively manage the health of your PostgreSQL infrastructure while helping your organization realize the cost efficiency of leveraging open source databases? What if you could do this without sacrificing your ability to monitor and diagnose problems? Foglight® for PostgreSQL addresses these and broader cross platform needs. Make your job easier by monitoring and tuning the performance of your entire PostgreSQL database environment.

Change management that’s the same, every single day 00:54


DevOps is critical to maintain a competitive edge. But if your change management process includes manual work, it can slow release times. You may feel as if you’re getting by with your change management tools. But what if you could significantly accelerate migrations, audits, upgrades, rework and more? This would mean you’d get more time to improve application quality.

With Stat®, you can automate application change management and delivery, shorten cycle times, improve quality and increase communication and transparency. Stat reduces risk and impact, building a culture of trust. With Stat, you’ll reduce migration time by up to 75 percent, from hours to just minutes. You’ll reduce audit time by up to 90 percent and rework/break-fix tasks by up to 30 percent. You can also reduce upgrade and implementation time by months. Support your DevOps initiatives by gaining more time to focus on code quality. Get the job done right the first time with Stat change management tools.

Performance Monitoring Case Studies

Global IT Company

"We really like that Foglight puts alerts in plain English and lets you know exactly what's wrong"

Systems Architect, Cloud Services


"With the new tools, resolution times have dropped by about 30 percent from what they used to be."

Steve Shinsel - Director of IT

Choice Hotels

"Before Stat, one migration release could take three to four hours. Now, it’s done in about 20 to 30 minutes."

Scott Williams - Director of Corporation Applications