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Server Backup and Recovery

You can backup and protect your physical, virtual and cloud servers, Windows and Linux OS, and all of the applications and data that reside on them with Rapid Recovery backup software. This is more than just a data backup solution. It is a flexible backup, replication and disaster recovery solution that protects applications, systems and data. Fully optimized for fast, reliable and easy server backups.

Server Backup and Recovery

How it works:

Rapid Recovery Core

Load the Core onto a dedicated Windows server. The Core stores all of the data blocks of your backups. Please note product support for the DL Series Backup and Recovery Appliances has been discontinued. Please contact sales to arrange the updated software only licenses.

Rapid Snap for Applications

Install a lightweight agent on each of your protected servers. The agent will backup your data without interfering with the server’s primary function. Initially, the backup performs a snapshot that captures all of the server’s data blocks and sends them to the Core. Once the original backup has finished, from then on the backup collects only the blocks that have changed. It bundles them into snapshots, deduplicates them, compresses them and sends them to the dedicated Core on a schedule you set.

Rapid Snap for Virtual

Discover new agentless backup protection of VMware VMs. Based on proven vRanger backup technology, Rapid Snap for Virtual uses VMware vSphere APIs to manage and perform the backup operations for each source system. No other backup agent is required, and there is no need to disrupt users and apps to deploy backup protection. Get automatic protection for newly provisioned VMs.

Verified Recovery

The Verified Backup Recovery feature performs automated nightly mount checks of file systems as well as Exchange Server and SQL Server instances. If it finds problems with your backups that would prevent you from restoring the data, it notifies you so that you can fix the issue proactively and ensure the reliability of your backups.

Live Recovery

Experience server backups that give you near-continuous access to the data you’ve backed up and protected by presenting user-requested data directly from the backup file during the restore process.