Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery solutions for business continuity

Ensure a full recovery of your entire environment and resume operations quickly and smoothly with Quest disaster recovery solutions. Fully automatic backups and 15-minute or faster recoveries across physical, virtual and cloud environments ensure business continuity. With easy disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), backup and recovery appliances, and award-winning data protection and disaster recovery software, Quest has you covered.

Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery solutions ensure business continuity


Discover reliable and automated disaster recovery that will ensure business continuity and never impact production systems.

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS)

Quickly implement reliable DRaaS in the cloud. Easily create virtual standby machines in your Microsoft Azure account in just a few clicks and seamlessly replicate to most cloud environments. Fast data recovery is assured by having continual updates processed to a virtual machine that can be activated immediately if there’s an issue with the primary machine.

Business continuity

Ensure business continuity, control data growth and eliminate backup windows while slashing IT workload. Quest disaster recovery solutions replace time-consuming processes with reliable, automated backups that will not impact production systems. Recovering from a disaster takes minutes rather than hours or even days. And data can be backed up as often as every 5 minutes to help minimize data loss. Quest provides award-winning professional support for seamless deployment and assured business continuity.

Data replication

Drive greater data availability with simplified backup, recovery and data replication in one solution. Easily run reliable and automated replication to a local or off-site standby server or VM, so when you need to recover from a disaster, even recently changed data can be restored in minutes. The intuitive cloud-based management portal enables you to quickly and easily check the status of all backup and replication jobs. Setup is fast thanks to built-in wizards that help with backup, replication, virtual standby and more.

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