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SharePlex streams change data capture to Kafka

Many organizations are adopting Apache Kafka to decouple their data endpoints using a middleware platform. Integration with Kafka is on the rise due to its rapid and reliable streaming of operational data from multiple sources, like Oracle, into a centralized location where a business intelligence platform can access the data. SharePlex is a change data capture (CDC) tool for your Kafka infrastructure that provides high value through increased availability, scalability and data integration services.
SharePlex for Kafka


Data control

Only move the data needed with granular control at the table, row, or column level with change data capture for Kafka

Fault tolerant

Minimize data loss in case of unplanned outages or network disruptions

Multi-Topic Support

Send specific data to one or more different Kafka topics

Multi-format support

Both JSON and XML formats supported

Replication of compressed data

High-speed replication and change data capture for Kafka  stored with Oracle’s Advanced Compression and OLTP Table Compression

Low overhead

SharePlex captures changes from the redo logs and moves it without impacting the source instance


Apache Kafka (Kafka) is a distributed streaming platform for building real-time, event-driven applications. Kafka is an open source platform developed by the Apache Software Foundation. Kafka is essentially a message broker that eliminates the need for multiple endpoints to be compatible with each other.
Many organizations are adopting Apache Kafka to decouple their data endpoints using a middleware platform. Apache Kafka is particularly useful for the rapid data streaming that accompanies use cases like in-purchase recommendations, analyzing streams from thousands of IoT devices and event log abstraction. By virtue of its architecture, Kafka is scalable, fault tolerant and extremely fast. This is what has contributed to Kafka’s rapid adoption.

SharePlex for Kafka is a tool that moves data out of your Oracle database and into Kafka faster than native tools through the use of a change data capture for Kafka approach to replication.

SharePlex for Kafka keeps your database in sync with reduced downtime on operations. By making real-time streaming available and keeping the data up to date, SharePlex saves time and mitigates risk.

As opposed to JDBC (Java database connection) queries to pull data from an Oracle instance into Kafka, SharePlex for Kafka and Oracle streams change data directly to Kafka with no impact on the Oracle source system.

SharePlex for Kafka, an Oracle data replication software, was originally released years ago. We are pleased to offer an enhanced version recently in our SharePlex product.

Use cases

One tool, many uses
Migrate and upgrade
Ensure availability
Increase scalability
Integrate data
Improve performance
Support analytics
One tool, many uses

One tool, many uses

Move data from Oracle or PostgreSQL to other data platforms, on-premises or in the cloud, to achieve a variety of business goals – with a single, comprehensive database replication tool that’s easy to install and use.

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