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SAP HANA Database Replication

A feature of SharePlex

Use SharePlex for SAP HANA for near zero downtime migrations and peace of mind.

How it works:

It’s time for less stress during SAP HANA migrations
As SAP continues to push HANA into SAP environments, more and more organizations will need to think through a strategy for their migration. SharePlex is a proven solution that replicates data in near real-time with no impact to the production database. With ZeroIMPACT replication, SharePlex puts control of the migration in your hands with less stress on your team.
Spend less time on fire drills and more on the migration
Let SharePlex provide high availability during your migration so you can focus on the necessary. With SharePlex, you can have unlimited migration practices runs with no impact and start the migration on your terms. Your team will thank you as you look like a hero navigating a complex migration with virtually no impact.