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SharePlex for SAP

A feature of SharePlex

Use SharePlex for SAP to easily optimize the performance and availability of your SAP infrastructures with near real-time data integration.

How it works:

Modernize with ease.
Easily optimize and update your SAP infrastructure with SharePlex for SAP. It provides near real-time replication and integration between SAP’s business applications, business warehouses and big data systems.
Increase scalability and reduce costs.
With SharePlex for SAP, you can affordably scale out your infrastructure. It lets you easily offload reporting and feed decision-support systems downstream while maintaining high availability of mission-critical systems.
Migrate from Oracle to SAP with ZeroIMPACT.
Get your SAP environment up and running quickly by reducing downtime with ZeroIMPACT database replication.


Technical Brief

Ensuring High Availability for Critical Systems and Applications
Ensuring High Availability for Critical Systems and Applications

Keeping business systems and applications up and running requires high availability of the Oracle databases they depend upon. The ultimate goal is to maximize the time it is accessible and operational. This is critical in today’s global 24x7 business envi