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Endpoint Compliance

Reduce endpoint compliance cost and complexity

Our unified endpoint management (UEM) solution makes it possible to automate endpoint compliance and efficiently track, meter and distribute software licenses. Easily track software licenses to avoid under-licensing and potential fines while at the same time, metering software to make sure that you are not over-licensing your endpoints and wasting your valuable IT budget. Plus, you’ll be able to eliminate time-consuming manual processes by remotely distributing software licenses across multiple locations with a single solution.

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Foundation Radiology ensures the safety and security of healthcare data with KACE.


Make software license optimization and compliance an easy-to-obtain reality with our UEM solution that provides software inventory, metering, distribution and reporting capabilities.

Software inventory

Add a detailed software inventory for comprehensive inventory management. Easily track your software licenses and ensure compliance with our application catalog, which normalizes application versions, name variations and publisher names. Eliminate security threats and productivity impacts by detecting, blacklisting and uninstalling unwanted applications.

Software metering

Our UEM solution has a number of software asset management (SAM) features to help you maintain software license compliance, harvest unused or underutilized applications, and improve the negotiation of volume purchases with visibility to general availability and end-of-life dates. You can uninstall unused software from systems and either transfer the software and its licenses to different users who need them, or remove those licenses from your next vendor purchase agreement. This ensures that your organization stays within its license agreement, saves IT budget and addresses the need for proof of compliance through comprehensive reporting.

Software distribution

Eliminate the time and hassle of traveling to multiple locations or performing individual desk-side visits by remotely distributing, installing and maintaining applications and digital assets for Windows, Mac and Linux computers and servers. The remote replication share is easy to set up and maintain, and dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of software distribution across a multisite organization. Minimize disruptions to user productivity with the flexibility to specify when software deployments take place and which systems are targeted.

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