Software Distribution and Maintenance

Software distribution, simplified

Software distribution and maintenance does not have to mean struggling with time-consuming manual processes, juggling multiple point solutions or breaking the budget with overly complex software suites. Our easy-to-use appliances enable your constrained IT teams to efficiently distribute and maintain operating systems and applications across all your locations, dramatically reducing cost and complexity while enhancing user productivity and security.

Simplify software distribution and maintenance.

Simplify software distribution and maintenance.


Streamline OS and application deployment, management and maintenance with automated tools, remote site support, flexible scheduling and expert help, so you have more time to innovate.


Systems imaging and deployment

Simplify deployment, storage and management of system and software assets with a centralized deployment library for images, scripted installations, drivers, applications, scripts and more. Ensure the correct image or setup is always deployed to the appropriate system, and reduce or eliminate the need for removable media, such as CDs and DVDs.

Software distribution and maintenance

Automate software deployments to Windows®, Mac® and Linux® systems, as well as customized installations. Supported packages include .msi, .exe and .zip for Windows; .pkg, .app, .dmg, .zip, .tgz and tar.gz for Mac; and .rpm, .zip, .bin, .tgz and tar.gz for Linux. Maintain a secure and compliant environment by automatically uninstalling unapproved applications.

Remote site support for software distribution

Eliminate the time and hassle of traveling to multiple locations or performing individual desk-side visits by remotely distributing, installing and maintaining applications and digital assets for Windows, Mac and Linux computers and servers. The remote replication share is easy to set up and maintain, and dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of software distribution across a multisite organization.

Deployment scheduling and targeting

Minimize disruptions to user productivity with the flexibility to specify when software deployments take place and which systems are targeted. Give users the option of deferring a software upgrade to a time that suits their work schedule, and keep them informed and engaged with pre- and post-installation messages.

Integration with ITNinja systems management community

Keep your software running smoothly and easily customize deployments with real-time, context-specific information, such as command lines and application deployment best practices. is integrated directly into the KACE management console for improved electronic software distribution and deployment automation.

Dell updates

Easily apply any Dell update packages directly from your KACE appliance, thanks to integration with Dell’s Client Command Suite update service. Set different policies for different populations of machines, such as linking automated software upgrades to server maintenance windows. Review detailed summary data on the status of any Dell software upgrade to quickly determine compliance status and remediate any systems where updates have failed.

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