Operating Systems Imaging and Deployments

Fast, automated OS provisioning

Save time by automating Windows® and Mac® disk imaging and image deployment. Easily build and maintain gold master images for multi-platform OS imaging and deployments. Improve consistency and reliability by storing all system and software deployment assets — including images, scripted installations, drivers, applications and scripts. Ensure the correct image or setup is always deployed to the appropriate systems, enhancing both IT and user productivity. 

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Automate OS provisioning with endpoint systems management solutions.

Automate OS provisioning with our endpoint systems management solutions.


By automating system imaging, OS deployment and driver management, you can easily keep systems up to date and secure, so you have time for more strategic IT projects. 

Centralized, unattended image deployment

Reduce the time and effort required for deployment and eliminate the need for boot and image disks — even for bare-metal build-outs — by provisioning stored images over the network. Remotely deploy assembled packages to any network-connected system from the web-based administrative console or locally from a boot menu. 

Easy image capture, editing and updates

Take advantage of single-instancing technology that minimizes the time, bandwidth and storage required to capture and archive disk images, while efficient state management ensures lightning-fast disk imaging by bypassing redundant file transfers and applying only the most recent updates to the original image. Easily edit computer and server images, eliminating the need to rebuild images.

Improved deployment reliability

Reference all images, network OS installations and related assets from the centralized deployment library. This improves deployment reliability and saves both you and your users valuable time by ensuring that you don’t inadvertently deploy outdated disk images or script installations to important systems. 

Automated deployment configuration

Reduce IT effort and improve accuracy with complete remote configuration for pre- and post–deployment tasks that automate the complete deployment lifecycle. Create your own pre- and post-installation tasks, or take advantage of convenient built-in tasks for easy deployment automation.

Hardware-independent computer imaging and deployment

Save time and simplify the installation of operating systems across your network by easily provisioning your PC fleet. Install software remotely and maintain up-to-date gold master images across diverse hardware platforms. Use existing images to provision one-off machines to serve specialized functions. Network OS-scripted installation capabilities enable hardware-independent provisioning of systems by deploying a standard Windows setup from scratch over the network. 

Driver updates

Ensure that the appropriate drivers are available for all your OS deployments without hunting for them on the internet. The driver update capability imports our drivers directly and captures other vendor’s drivers, and automatically organizes drivers by computer model.

Automated driver slipstreaming

Simplify image deployments and scripted installations by automatically including the correct drivers. Prior to deployment, quickly verify whether all required drivers reside in the driver library, and easily add any missing drivers to the library to automatically include them in the deployment.

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