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    • 23 Feb 2018

    The benefits of embedded user behavior analytics (UEBA)

    Harness the power of user behavior analytics and avoid pitfalls inherent to UEBA solutions. Learn how with Change Auditor Threat Detection.
    • 23 Feb 2018

    Do you have sensitive database rules?

    You say “No” - well - I say “Yes”. All database rules are sensitive and have a sensitivity level. What does that mean? What is a sensitivity level? Where can I find it and can it be modified? Ok - a lot of questions, so let's start with the details. What is a sensitivity level? A sensitivity level is a template that defines which rule condition is being triggered. Different levels...
    • 23 Feb 2018

    Does your PL/SQL code meet, and exceed, your company's best practice standards for performance, maintainability, and reliability?

    When I was working as a developer I was working with different companies and each one had their own rules/best practices about the pl/sql code. Some of them were the same and some were exactly the opposite: not better or worse...just different. In these cases it is hard to remember which one is the correct format on each place. Back then we had a huge Word document with all the rules to follow...I really wish I had...
    • 21 Feb 2018

    Episode 3: We Cover "Virtually" Everything

    In our Two Techs on a Quest podcast, two IT technical support heroes embark on an epic quest to rescue other IT professionals and shield them from common IT dangers … like non-optimized infrastructure. In this episode, our IT heroes seek to help other IT pros optimize their virtual infrastructure, thereby improving the performance of other applications, programs and databases in your infrastructure. Both Hyper...
    • 20 Feb 2018

    Migrating to the Cloud? SharePlex 9.1 Makes It Easy.

    SharePlex 9.1 is specifically designed to get your data to the cloud without downtime, data loss, business interruption or all the stress from past migrations.