• How to identify connection strings in Connection Managers that are on project level in a SSIS project? These are not documented by ApexSQL Doc.

    When I generate a document using ApexSQL Doc for a SSIS project, the connection managers on project level are mentioned in the project parameters, but not detailed. I need to find the connection strings.

    When the connection manager is in the package itself…

  • Does ApexSQL Doc work on SSAS Tabular model for SQL Server 2019 (1500) compatibility level?

    I am evaluating ApexSQL Doc for SSAS models. I can get it to work on Sql Server 2019 Tabular databases that are 1200 model compatibility but not for the new 1500 model compatibility. Has anyone gotten that to work?


  • I am getting duplicate server names as folder name

    When I generate documentation for Database engine and Integration services I receive a duplicated name as the folder name. Anyone else experience this? How did you solve it?