Enhancements in SharePlex for a peer-peer setup.

SharePlex peer-to-peer enhancements

Peer-to-Peer replication (P2P) allows users on multiple databases to make changes concurrently to the same data, while SharePlex replication keeps all of the databases synchronized. Peer-to-Peer replication is not appropriate for all replication environments as it requires a major commitment on the application and database design that may not be practical when packaged applications are in use.

Before the latest SharePlex 8.6.4 version, P2P required custom PL/SQL conflict resolution procedures to resolve the conflict when more than one user changed the same record at, or near, the same time. In SharePlex 8.6.4, pre-built conflict resolutions with host based priority and time based priority are available for customers to use in a P2P environment.

Learn how to set up pre-built Conflict Resolution in a P2P environment.

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