Toad for Oracle's Multifunctional and powerful connection window

We do it every day.
Person to person – and on a network level, database client to database platform.

Toad for Oracle’s legacy has always been about increasing performance, configuration, and internal self-help in solving technical problems internally with the product.

One of the truly most diverse windows in Toad for Oracle is the connection window. Even, most long time users are stunned when informed of all of the many features and tools this in this initial window.

Senior Toad for Oracle Support Engineer, Susan Kilpatrick, enlightens Toad for Oracle users on the Connection login Window in this featured packed Support Video.

VIDEO - How to make a database connection using Direct, TNS and LDAP in Toad for Oracle (205157)

There are so many underlying elements, that Susan only focuses on the right side of the Connection window!

In this video, the following topics are discussed: Various connection methods and requirements, connection error troubleshooting metadata, assigning connection colors, connection history and passwords, Oracle admin folder files, and where to get additional technical assistance.

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Danny Torres
Since 2000, Danny Torres has been an Enterprise Tech Support Advisor supporting database tools. Within the KCS (Knowledge Centered Support) groups, Danny is certified as a Social Media and Community Professional...