What's New in LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.0

A new release of LiteSpeed for SQL Server will be out on August 4, 2014. Here's a quick preview of all the new features and enhancements. More detailed blog posts to follow:

Updated user-interface

  • The “ribbon” replaces the old menus and toolbars and is easier to use, especially on high-resolution and high-DPI displays
  • Color schemes and look & feel are updated to a more current Windows style

Cloud support: LiteSpeed now includes the ability to back up to and restore from the Amazon S3 cloud

  • Back up on-prem SQL Servers and bypass local disk to back up directly to the Amazon S3 cloud
  • Back up SQL Server on Amazon EC2 to S3

Multi-Database Restore

  • Allows DBAs to restore more than one database without having to perform each restore manually
  • Supported through LiteSpeed's Automated Restore functionality
  • Simplifies restore testing script generation
  • Databases can originate from the same or different instances

Fast Compression support for multi-database backups via API

  • API support through xp_slsFastCompression to back up All, System, User, or a custom selection of databases in a single statement
  • A good option for DBAs not leveraging Backup Templates or Maintenance Plans

Re-Execute Failed Backup enhancement

  • The option is now available regardless of which node is selected in the Backup Manager
  • Now works on successful as well as failed backups

SQL Server 2014 support

  • Originally added in 7.5.2

Performance improvements with very small backups

  • Performance improvements (backup time and size) with very small database backups (think empty transaction log backups)

Improved Server File Browser

  • The Server file browser has been updated to include Size and Date/Time columns with the ability to sort
  • Helps when restoring from Device - Disk and backups must be selected manually

Improved cluster installer

  • We have reintroduced the manual node install option for clusters


More detailed posts to follow. 


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David Gugick manages the LiteSpeed for SQL Server and vRanger product lines for Dell. David brings more than 20 years of management and technical experience in product and portfolio management, application...
  • <p>How can we perform multi-database restore using litespeed for SQL Server, Please send me the steps or share some video if you have ?</p>

  • <p>You can perform a Multi-Database Restore by either using the Automated Restore option in the console, which automatically scripts the restore of multiple databases from any number of instances using Automated Restore. Or you can use Automated Restore API and write a custom script as needed to restore a selection of databases.</p>


  • <p>Hi david,</p>

    <p>Actually there is no option to select more than one database under automated restore. When you go for automated restore innitial window ask you for the type. lets say we opted automated and after that it will ask you only for the restore one database. there is no option by which you can select multiple database untill you will not append the script via actual backup files.</p>

    <p>Please guide me how can we do that without making changes on the scipt becuase script should be automatically come with all the databases which you mentiond there.</p>

    <p>Share some document for the new release.</p>


  • <p>Are you on version 8? If so, you add each database one at a time on the selection screen. If you're not seeing that, please post an image of what your screen looks like on the database selection tab of the Automated Restore wizard.</p>

  • <p>I would ask you start a new thread in the LiteSpeed forum and I can post an image there. I cannot reply with an image to a blog post.use this link to get started: <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="en.community.dell.com/.../4786