Cyber security in healthcare – How we can help

Cyber resilience in healthcare is critical when you consider the vast importance of protecting patient data and ensuring regulatory compliance. IT professionals in the healthcare field have an almost-impossible trio of requirements to maintain: Keep sensitive health records safe, ensure the organization meets all compliance requirements, all the while minimizing disruption to patient care.

At Quest, we offer several ways to ensure cyber resilience in healthcare, which we’ll be showcasing at Cyber Security in Healthcare 2021, a UK-based online event occurring on September 23, 2021 from 9am-4pm local time.

But the good news is you don’t have to wait until September then to learn more about how Quest can help you bolster cyber security…

Cyber Security for Active Directory, Exchange and Office 365

Cyber security in healthcare has always been challenging, but when you add things like cloud adoption and mergers and acquisitions (M&A), it gets even tougher. Not only must IT teams meet ever-evolving compliance and security requirements, they’re also tasked with rolling out electronic health record (EHR) software.

With proper identification being potentially a life-and-death situation, critical IT systems like Active Directory (AD), Exchange and Office 365 can’t afford disruption.

Zero Trust security for healthcare lies at the center of the solution, as it ensures that the right people have the right access to critical information, provides a framework for compliance, and delivers flexibility to accomplish your goals in a secure and efficient manner.

Cyber attackers know the importance of ensuring the safety of electronic, protected health information. They also know that staff fluidity, plus the sheer number of endpoint devices that touch your network, give them hundreds, if not thousands of potential openings from which to initiate an attack.

But our AD security solutions for healthcare provide tools to assess permissions to continuously identify threats, detect and provide alerts for suspicious activity, and investigate and recover from breaches. For more information, see our white paper on Protecting Data in the Healthcare Industry.

Identity-based cyber attacks

Identity-based cyberattacks are another high area of concern for healthcare IT. Stolen health records are highly lucrative and have a longer shelf-life than financial data, which is a major force driving the increase in healthcare breaches. Yet, heavy-handed security measures puts lives at risk.

With our identity and access management (IAM) solutions for healthcare, you’ll be able to enhance security while still ensuring a superior level of healthcare via fast, appropriate and secure access to patient data – all while still meeting regulatory demands and demonstrating compliance.

In fact, our IAM solutions allow you to reduce risk, satisfy regulations and deliver better patient care, no matter which aspect of healthcare your organization touches.

For healthcare providers, for example, you can ensure that all types of users have precisely the access they need – nothing more and nothing less – to ensure optimal healthcare services. For hospitals, you can ensure more accurate, automated account management and electronic health record integration, helping to mitigate risks and avoid policy violations. And lastly, insurers can manage the levels of security commensurate with the amount and sensitivity of information stored.

Learn more at Cyber Security in Healthcare 2021

Our solutions protecting against both Active Directory and identity-based cyber attacks offer deep protection against cyberattacks, combined with Active Directory management and disaster recovery, to ensure comprehensive protection of healthcare’s most critical (and targeted assets).

One Identity by Quest is trusted and proven in the healthcare industry, with 9 of the top 10 Fortune 1000 as customers. With a broad portfolio of products that combine just-in-time provisioning and permissions to deliver on the promise of zero trust. Our solutions provide customers with the tools necessary to address some of their most complex challenges without disrupting the organization.

Learn more about how Quest and One Identity can help at Cyber Security in Healthcare 2021.

  • What is cyber security for in the field of healthcare?

  • The health and well-being of the patients is the top most priority in the healthcare sector. However, in the course of the last decade, the healthcare industry has been challenged with continuous cybersecurity threats, affecting the security of systems containing crucial and confidential information relating to the patients resulting in financial loss, data leaks as well as putting the lives of people in danger.
    However, every cloud has a silver lining: the growing number of cyber attacks creates a demand for professionals that are capable of detecting and preventing cyber attacks. It also provides an opportunity for the advancement of AI technology for providing cybersecurity in healthcare. AI’s capacity to deal with multiple events per second as well the predictive ability offers a beneficial solution to the ongoing cyber threats

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