Dell Thunderbolt over usb c dock IS NOT A DESKTOP COMPUTER

I want the programmers to change this behavior.

Just because someone has a Dell thunderbolt (USB-C) connected dock to a Dell XPS 13 LAPTOP, DOES NOT MEAN ITS A DESKTOP COMPUTER.

You should be looking at the computer type, XPS is a LAPTOP.  Who cares if they have a dock plugged in to easily transfer power and keyboard and mouse.

What this does is then trigger folder redirection, something we can't have on a laptop.  Because if they are off site, they can barely function as there's no contact with the server hosting the redirected files, so Windows explorer errors frequently and you can't even operate Microsoft word because it cannot find normal.dotm.

So for dock users we have to add for all 4 redirection elements AND IF ComputerNAME is NOT xxxxxxxxx where xxxxxxxx is the name of the LAPTOP computer that can sometimes be plugged into a Dell USB 3.1 / C Thunderbolt dock.