What are the random usb port security notifications in dr\harddisk0 lower right screen?


Long time Desktop Authority user, since the 6.0 days at my last employer and the 8.x days at my current employer.  We are on DA 10.2 I believe because I see the Computer agent is version 10.20.256.  My laptop also has Desktop Authority USB/Port Security  I logged in and I have been seeing some USB Port Security blocked notifications pop up but the funny thing is that there are no USB devices plugged into my laptop.  The only thing plugged in is the AC Adapter, which is a circular plug, not one of the new fancy thunderbolt / usb 3.1 plugs.

It was saying something like Operation in DR\Harddisk0 or DR\Harddisk1 (I forget the exact terms, it happens so fast).  Everything seems working, and the only hard drive in the system is a 256 GB NVMe SSD which is a PCI bus, no USB involved here.

The version of Windows is 10 build 1903 OS Build 18362.30.

Any idea what the pop up is trying to tell me?  It doesn't seem to be affecting the ability to use the computer in any way.