Free network tools download


I've recently downloaded and installed the free network tools onto my main NMS server.. I appear to be only able to use certain functions such as graphical ping and traceroute. when I try to use (for example) SNMP Walk or Netflow listener it suggests my trial licence has expired and I need to this not a totally free product? am I doing something wrong? any assistance greatly appreciated.



  • Hello

    Thank you for confirming the version you downloaded.

    Please open the registry editor to Hkey Local Machine->Software->Quest->License. Delete the License key. (note: Please make sure you are in the 'Quest' folder and not the 'Quest Software' folder.)

    Right click and launch the pt360 software as an administrator even if you are logged in as administrator. Re-register the software and it will work properly.

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  • You dont have to download and install it, you can just use it online as a service. There are few free network designing tools out there that can be used as a service. What I use is the Creately Network Diagram Software as it is easy to embed network diagrams (cisco, topology, aws) anywhere as a ifrome [html]