• Pros and cons

    I apologize if the question is in the wrong section, but I am very interested in your opinion.

    VPN vs remote desktop what are the pros and cons of using a VPN as a remote desktop access solution?

  • Splunk Token for multiple Microservices

    I am researching to integrate splunk with my service running in Docker. In my case, the splunk enterprise runs on a different host.

    One way to achieve this is to use docker's built-in splunk logging driver. I see that one of the configuration parameter…

  • ActiveRoles Connector - Change Port?


    I am trying to set up the ARS connector. I'm supposed to use port 15172 (the ARS Admin Service port), but when I check the ARS server, the ARS Service is listening on 50235, not 15172.

    How do I specify for the ARS connector a different Port number…

  • IT Security Search 11.3.2 is out!

    Hi All,


    First IT Security Search version with links to this newly created ITSS Community is out, you can download it here

    Besides small Help/About/Community section of the UI we've added the following great capabilities:

    • Role-based access for Recovery…
  • Welcome to the IT Security Search Forum

    You're at the new IT Security Search Community Forum! Got a question or a thought to share with others? Post it here!