• Best Practices for SQL Server Database Recovery After a Crash

    1. Experiencing a database crash can be daunting, but following these best practices can help you effectively recover your SQL Server database and minimize data loss.

    1. Stop All SQL Server Services: Immediately stop all SQL Server services. This will…

  • Community Forum: Discussing IT Infrastructure and Edge Servers

    Hello Everyone,

    I hope you're all doing well! Today, I'd like to start a discussion about IT infrastructure, particularly focusing on edge servers. For those unfamiliar, edge servers play a crucial role in modern computing by bringing computational resources…

  • Need Recommendations for IT Security Search on a Small Laptop

    Hey everyone,


    I'm in search of recommendations for an IT security search tool that I can use on my small laptop. I recently acquired a compact and portable laptop, which is perfect for my on-the-go needs. However, I'm having trouble finding the right…

  • Is there a way to send SMS messages directly from PowerApps

    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to create an app in PowerApps that allows users to send SMS messages to their contacts. I've searched the PowerApps documentation, but I can't seem to find any information on how to do this.

    Here's what I've tried so…

  • Pros and cons

    I apologize if the question is in the wrong section, but I am very interested in your opinion.

    VPN vs remote desktop what are the pros and cons of using a VPN as a remote desktop access solution?

  • Splunk Token for multiple Microservices

    I am researching to integrate splunk with my service running in Docker. In my case, the splunk enterprise runs on a different host.

    One way to achieve this is to use docker's built-in splunk logging driver. I see that one of the configuration parameter…

  • ActiveRoles Connector - Change Port?


    I am trying to set up the ARS connector. I'm supposed to use port 15172 (the ARS Admin Service port), but when I check the ARS server, the ARS Service is listening on 50235, not 15172.

    How do I specify for the ARS connector a different Port number…

  • IT Security Search 11.3.2 is out!

    Hi All,


    First IT Security Search version with links to this newly created ITSS Community is out, you can download it here

    Besides small Help/About/Community section of the UI we've added the following great capabilities:

    • Role-based access for Recovery…
  • Welcome to the IT Security Search Forum

    You're at the new IT Security Search Community Forum! Got a question or a thought to share with others? Post it here!