• Problems after migrating a resource from Notes to M365 when rescheduling an appointment

    We have a room in HCL Notes that contains both appointments via HCL Notes and M365 via coexistence

    After we migrated the room to M365 we have problems moving appointments.

    The appointments can be moved without an error message, but in the room calendar…

  • Update Notes Person Document User Name

    Hi All

    We have found that to support free/busy time visibility for O365 users from notes, we need to add the forwarding address we write into the person document as a username in domino. At the moment, this is a manual process and will not scale as we…

  • MNE and CMN (Directory connector) with new Active Directory


    I'm working on MNE and CMN (Directory Connector) POC with a new Active Directory that will be implemented and would like to know what we would need to have in terms of infrastructure (PKI, EMC,...) with the new AD to make the POC implementation…

  • Migration accounts / Global admins


    Making the migration accounts global administrators in O365 as stated in the doc is not a good idea at all.

    Isn´t there some "best practice RBAC template" which permissions are needed? To give the accounts just the permissions they really need and…

  • Best Practice Migrating MailinDBs to Sharefolders

    Dear Forum,

    are there any best practices in migrating Notes MailinDBs to Exchange Sharedmailboxes.

    Editor and Reader Groups

    sendonbehalf Group
    owner Group to manage the accessgroups

    Is it possible to have the Readergroup…

  • Performance Notes to Exchange 2016 very poor

    Hi together,

    i have a little problem at a Notes to Exchange 2016 Migration with NME. I have 2 Users where the performance is very slow slow only at calendar items around 77 Items/hour i never saw that before. When i start the collection for them it showing…

  • SQL Server connection for Migrator Notes to Exchange


    I have a little Question.

    The Quest Migrator Note to Exchange and the Coexistence tool needs SQL Server.

    How does the tool connect to SQL Server?

    Please Hel me, because I must open request for the Database Instance.


    Thanks and best Regards


  • Welcome to the New Notes to Exchange Migration Forum

    You're at the new Notes to Exchange Migration Community Forum! Got a question or a thought to share with others? Post it here! And if you have a question on the old site that we haven't answered, post it again here. We’re working on bringing threads…