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Active directory migration from on prem on prem, Mailbox migration from On prem to Office 365

 We have scenario where child company (XYZ) is getting separated from parent company (ABC). All mailbox in parent company (ABC) are hosted on exchange 2010 server.  The child company would have only on prem AD (no on prem exchange server) and planning to migrate all user’s mailboxes (approx. 4500) to office 365 (XYZ tenant)


We have prepare below flow with help of Quest tools (QMM , ODME)


  1. Create two way trust between two forest
  2. Install Migration manager for AD to sync AD objects from ABC to XYZ
  3. Install Azure AD connect to sync AD object from on prem (XYZ) to office 365
  4. Provide Office 365 license to users to have them mailboxes in office 365
  5. Migrate mailbox content , permission from ABC domain to office 365 tenant (XYZ) using MM for Exchange OR ODME
  6. Provide new computer to users in XYZ domain and configure Outlook for users


            Q) I don’t see option (in trail version of ODME) to enable email forwarding for mailbox from ABC forest to mailbox in office 365 during migration phase,

            Q) In this scenario , which tool will be useful , QMM for Exchange or ODME


     any other step need to be add/ modify