AM 5.3: Storage Migration Issues


in behalf of my client I like to ask a Question about moving Data to a new Storage Location.
System: Archive Manager Version 5.3 / Windows Server 2012
What he has done:
Created a new Folder and set the required Access Rights to this Folder
Created a new Share and set the required Access Rights
On the Admin Website -> general -> Storage Location created a new Storage Location that point to the Folder/Share created in the steps below.
On the "Storage Migration " Tab start the File Migration to the new Storage.

Unfortunately, only two Files was moved to the new Location. He restart the Job and nothing happends. So we have a bunch of Files Pending and Zero Files moved.

Attached you find a Screenshoot of the Migration Tab.

Strange Thing BTW, the DataLoadService.exe File is missing. This means, yes, there is a Service but we can not find the EXE File. Thus, we can not start the Service.



  • We have restore the missing exe file from Backup, after restarting the Dataloader Service the migration Job switched to Status "Canceled" as expected. Also, all Files was marked as Canceled. Base on this KB we have deleted the Migration Job and the second storage.