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    • 23 Mar 2017

    Quest On Demand Migration for Email, 1.10 is now available!

    We are excited to announce a new version of On Demand Migration for Email (ODME), 1.10 has been released. Look what's new: New features and enhancements Release (03/16/2017) PT130294827 Support for Microsoft Exchange 2016 as a source. Release (03/02/2017) Rebranding On Demand Migration for Email has been rebranded as a Quest® product and is now called...
    • 22 Mar 2017

    Remediating and Mitigating Privileged Access Issues in Your Hybrid AD and Azure AD

    The challenges associated with securing data in Office 365 , whether completely cloud based or a hybrid AD iteration, are numerous, and addressing them requires a solid plan to ensure your risk of a data breach or accidental exposure is minimized. That plan begins with continually assessing permissions to ensure data is only available to those who should have access. It also requires implementation of a system that...
    • 17 Mar 2017

    Detecting and Reporting Security Issues in Hybrid AD and Azure AD—Visibility is Key

    If your organization is running Office 365 in a completely cloud-based or hybrid AD environment, it’s critical to make sure the proper security protocols are in place in both your on-premises AD and Azure AD. The first step is continuously assessing the hybrid AD to determine who has access to permissions, privileged groups, sensitive business groups, Group Policy Objects (GPO) and data at all times. Are you familiar...
    • 13 Mar 2017

    Hybrid AD and Azure AD Security Begins with Continuous Permissions Assessment

    If your organization made the jump to Office 365 and are now completely cloud based or in a hybrid AD environment, you probably spent a lot of time getting your on-premises AD ready for the move . Now that your new cloud or hybrid environment is in place and in good shape, how do you keep it secure? Maintaining security in a cloud or hybrid AD environment is no easy task. Download the Quest e-book Surviving Common...
    • 9 Mar 2017

    Securing Your On-Premises AD for Office 365 Migration

    As we previously discussed, migrating to Office 365 doubles the surface area you’ll need to manage and secure. As a result, it’s critical that any issues with data stored in your on-premises AD are corrected prior to migration. The good news is that making the move to Office 365 offers the opportunity to address any problems that exist while also creating policies that will keep it that way moving forward...
    • 8 Mar 2017

    Automate Active Directory Health Checks with the New Release of Active Administrator

    When Active Directory (AD) goes down or is unavailable for any stretch of time, consequences can be severe. AD issues can lead to end user frustration, loss of productivity, and significant burden on the IT and help desk staff while they attempt to identify and fix the issue. One would think since AD is such a business-critical system that there would be plenty of easy-to-use tools and methods available for keeping AD...
    • 7 Mar 2017

    Office 365 Security: Is On-Premises AD Your Weakest Link?

    Office 365 has more than 60 million active monthly users, and adoption of the platform is increasing—for good reason. It allows organizations to reduce infrastructure and costs related to licensing and maintenance, while expanding storage efficiencies. Additionally, Office 365 empowers workforces to operate from anywhere and from any device, while increasing scalability and business continuity. However, moving...
    • 27 Feb 2017

    Migrating to Archive Mailboxes with Quest On Demand Migration for Email

    Both Exchange and Office 365 have the option to provide users with two separate mailboxes. First, there is the normal “User Mailbox”, which is typically used on an everyday basis and is housed on high performance storage media. Second, is the “User Archive” mailbox, which is typically used only when older data needs to be referenced and can be stored on less expensive storage media. Quest On Demand...
    • 17 Feb 2017

    How to limit the amount of Cache memory used by Exchange Servers using PowerShell with applications to Rapid Recovery

    A few days ago, I was working with a MSP customer that had the same issue on multiple Exchange servers hosted by his own customers. Specifically, in that particular setup, due to the memory-hog behavior of Exchange, other applications including our own Rapid Recovery agent were not performing properly. I suggested that we may attempt reducing the Exchange memory consumption and he offered me his own company environment...
    • 13 Feb 2017

    Securing your Active Directory Environment from the Inside Out. (Part 3)

    Okay, we have identified our privileged users and determined what rights are needed for them to do their jobs. Now we need a way to enforce these new roles. Step 3: Simplify the security of your Active Directory Active Roles is an AD proxy. It will sit between the user and Active Directory and determine if the user should be performing the task or not. Since the Active Roles service account is actually making the...
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