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    • 13 Nov 2017

    A new version of On Demand Migration for Email (ODME), 1.11 has been deployed!

    We are excited to announce a new version of On Demand Migration for Email (ODME) 1.11 has been deployed. Quest® On Demand Migration for Email securely migrates data to Office 365 and on-premises Exchange or hosted Exchange email platforms leveraging a hosted infrastructure to minimize the footprint within each organization. From a single console, you can migrate multiple mailboxes simultaneously, including data...
    • 10 Nov 2017

    A new version of Migrator for Notes to SharePoint is now available!

    We are excited to announce a new version of Migrator for Notes to SharePoint 6.10 is now available for download. Look what's new: o Support for setting a stop time for scheduled migration task. o Support for creating scheduled task for the SharePoint site provision (Git# 544). o Support for migrating to SharePoint Document Set fields with Azure Turbo mode. o Support for opening embedded attachments in PDF and...
    • 7 Nov 2017

    Bad Rabbit Ransomware: What You Need To Know About the Latest Cyber Attack

    The Bad Rabbit ransomware cyber attack hit last week in Russia and Eastern Europe, targeting news media companies and some transportation companies such as Airport of Odessa in Ukraine. In a nutshell the tactic that bad guys are using is as old as WannaCry and others – find a way to compromise your security (either by phishing technique or by using known vulnerability, or both), install itself on the affected machine...
    • 6 Nov 2017

    How to Secure Active Directory Using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

    Currently 30% of companies in the United States are using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to manage risks with projections of 50% by the year 2020 ( https://iapp.org/news/a/the-future-of-the-nist-cybersecurity-framework/ ). Quest has a broad portfolio of products that can help with these different stages, but I wanted to highlight how our Microsoft platform management solutions can help with capabilities to manage...
    • 1 Nov 2017

    Engineering notes for Secure Copy

    I’ve had so many customers — and even engineering colleagues — ask me how to get the most out of their Quest Secure Copy implementation that I thought it was time to write up a few best practices. You know that Secure Copy is an automated solution for securely migrating data, shares, printers and more. You know it lets you control how data is migrated and doesn’t require the use of agents or...
    • 24 Oct 2017

    What's new in Archive Manager v.5.4? Better search and enhanced ADC service!

    What's new in this release? We are happy to announce the release of Archive Manager 5.4 ! Archive Manger now includes some great new features that will enhance search, provide better support for Office 365 and loads of new platforms.&...
    • 23 Oct 2017

    Migrator for Notes to Exchange update required for migrations to Office 365!

    We are excited to announce a new version of Migrator for Notes to Exchange 4.15.1 is now available for download. This update is required for customers migrating to Office 365 and should be installed prior to October 31 st , in order to meet new Office 365 requirements . Look what's new: MAPI over HTTP This release adds support for MAPI over HTTP. This is now the default protocol when migrating to Office 365...
    • 27 Sep 2017

    On Demand Migration for Email now migrates Exchange Recoverable Items to Office 365

    Are you considering migrating to Office 365, or an on-premise Exchange server? Perhaps your company is involved in a merger or divestiture and you need to migrate under a condensed timeline, from one Office 365 tenant to another Office 365 tenant… Would you like a solution that requires no on-premise infrastructure and scales up to meet your migration needs automagically? Well the good news is that many customers...
    • 25 Sep 2017

    Get Rid of Your Old Coffee Makers – Pre- and post-migration analysis with Enterprise Reporter

    When you move out of a house, do you just toss everything into boxes, then throw the boxes into a truck? That’s a pretty tempting approach to moving, especially if you don’t really want to move in the first place. But look what a mess awaits you at the new house. You can’t put your hands on anything useful when everything’s in a jumble. Worse yet, you also realize that you’ve missed a good...
    • 21 Sep 2017

    Fortune Cookies Don’t Lie: Office 365 Cloud Security Is in Your Future

    The meal is finished, so your waiter brings the check and a handful of fortune cookies. One by one, you and your friends go around the table reading them. “‘You cannot stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.’ Well, that’s profound.” “‘The love of your life will appear in front of you unexpectedly.’ Huh. I never could have guessed that.” “‘A great...
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