DA10 corrupting user profiles?

We upgraded to 10.0.442 in early March, and since the upgrade, we have noticed many users with outlook 2013 or 2016 having issues. If we look at the user profile, their size shows up as "?". Anyone else seeing this behavior?

  • this is not good, we are looking at upgrading to 10 this summer when school gets out, but I don't want to start having problems with Office
  • I think this is meant to be fixed in the latest patch 10.0.448 although microsofts latest creative update seems to be a little funky with DA
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    How so, Terry? We are doing our 9.3 to 10 upgrade this weekend and trying to gather as much info as possible.
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    I don't know much I'm just sure I saw that the size issue was addressed in the latest patch.

    We've been on 10 for a while and had no issues until this latest W10 creative update which is causing the USB security to loop on the install
  • We did have some issues with Outlook Mail Profile creation in earlier versions of Desktop Authority (DA) 10. We have released version to resolve these issues and others.

    To download DA Version click HERE.
    For additional information on Desktop Authority version view KB219996.

    If you are already on version and are still having issues with Outlook Mail Profile creation or administration please open a Service Request with Technical Support and we can investigate further.