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    • 8 Dec 2016

    A Quest Approach to API Monitoring with Foglight

    Quest has recognized the growing importance of APIs and has taken steps to ensure they are properly addressed in the most recent versions of Foglight . It’s a great way to augment Foglight’s Virtualization and database performance monitoring so that correlations to the health of a host and/or database can be correlated to the performance of their transactions. This is an area of interest that I will be spending...
    • 8 Dec 2016

    Bridge the Monitoring Gap with Spotlight Developer

    Recently, I presented our Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise solution to someone who expressed concerns about being notified of problems in the monitored environment. In this person's scenario, he mentioned that their organization did not have a Help Desk or Operations group. Essentially, he couldn't rely on a team of people to be watching the Spotlight console and waiting for the alarm conditions to occur. As...
    • 7 Dec 2016

    Monitoring Raspberry Pi with Foglight - Part 2

    In part one of monitoring Raspberry Pi with Foglight , I showed that the Infrastructure agent worked pretty much as expected when collecting from the Raspbian OS. I was curious though if it exposed any metrics via snmp. The first step was to check if snmpd was even installed and running. I ran "sudo /etc/init.d/snmpd restart" and to my mild surprise, it showed the service restarting. Now it was time...
    • 6 Dec 2016

    Foglight Newsletter – December 2016

    Announcements Coming soon…A new Quest We are on a quest – one that’s built upon an exceptional past and is sure to deliver an unprecedented future. And we want you to be a part of it! Watch the video now and get a preview at what's coming next. Then, register to be one of the first to receive all the latest news as we transition to this new chapter. Product Updates New Releases Foglight...
    • 4 Dec 2016

    Keep Your Pi from Burning with Foglight - Part 2

    In Keep Your Pi from Burning with Foglight , I showed how to use script agents to collect data from a Raspberry Pi's built-in CPU temperature sensor and display a graph like this: In this installment, I'll show you how to create a rule that will check those temperatures to be sure your Pi's not burning. We'll start by defining some thresholds, one each for Warning, Critical and Fatal temperature...
    • 2 Dec 2016

    Report for Duty, Part II - Spotlight Performance Monitoring

    Customizing and Automating Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise Reports In my previous post , I wrote about configuring and executing reports using Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise. The purpose of this entry is to describe, at a very high-level, what's needed to customize and automate the execution of these reports. I'll introduce the topics of Microsoft's Report Definition Language (RDL) and SQL Server...
    • 1 Dec 2016

    How is Your Parking? Foglight can Help.

    Have you ever looked at Resource Monitor in Windows and wondered why some of your cpu cores were "parked"? That sure doesn't sound good! This post does a good job at explaining the details. Needless to say I was intrigued, and I wanted to find out if Windows does a good job at managing core parking, or if manual intervention might be better. I downloaded the Passmark Performance Test utility (free...
    • 30 Nov 2016

    SNMP Monitoring with Foglight - as Easy as

    If the Jackson 5 had written their song a couple decades later, a snappier song title might've been "SNMP.. as easy as 1-2-3!" Now try to get that out of your head for the rest of the day. In this post, I'll show how to install the parts needed in Foglight along with the configuration steps to add a device. You'll first need to download the SNMP cartridge from http://support.quest.com . Once...
    • 30 Nov 2016

    Block alerts for one database in my SQL Server Instance

    I want to address a specific issue in Spotlight, SQL Server performance monitoring tool , with filtering out blocking alert but the principal can be applied to other alarms. The scenario is that you only want to get email alerts for one specific database out of hundreds in your SQL Server Instance. The brute force way to address this problem is to go to "Configure | Alarms" and open up the "Locks - Blocked...
    • 29 Nov 2016

    Can Foglight Tell Us When Something is Normal?

    A customer asked the following: "We had a scenario where we received an email alert in the overnight hours because a remote switch went down. However we realized that Foglight will not notify again once the switch goes back up. So we came to the office wondering if the switch was still down and once we got to the office and actually logged into the Foglight web client, we realized the switch was only down for 4...
    • 28 Nov 2016

    DB2 V10.5 DBA Time-Saver: Find Column-Oriented Table Candidates in Foglight

    In most organizations that have upgraded to DB2 LUW version 10.5 with BLU Acceleration, discussions are underway about using column-oriented tables to help improve performance of large queries. Column-oriented tables are becoming commonplace in some shops, but maybe your DBA and development staffs are new to the concept. One of the challenges of taking advantage of new performance features built into V10.5 is to find...
    • 28 Nov 2016

    Report for Duty part 1 - Spotlight Performance Monitoring

    I'm surprised by the number of people that aren't aware that our Spotlight Performance Monitoring tool provides a tremendous number of reports. I suspect this is because we do not create the Spotlight Statistics Repository during the initial installation. The good news is it's very easy to configure after the initial installation. The steps are as follows: Create the Spotlight Statistics Repository Allow...
    • 23 Nov 2016

    Performance Tuning in Capacity Director

    Coming soon to Capacity Director! Select a cluster Select a host or all hosts in the cluster Review, select and automate the placement recommendations Review, select and implement the resource optimizations Done, a balanced virtual environment.
    • 23 Nov 2016

    Keep Your Pi from Burning with Foglight

    On my farm, I have a fairly large irrigation system (7 zones and a pump), all controlled by a Raspberry Pi single-board computer. I also have Raspberry Pi controllers for Amateur Radio activities, including a Weak Signal transmitter that uses only th...
    • 22 Nov 2016

    Updating the Foglight for Virtualization Virtual Appliance (vApp): Easier Than Pie!

    Updating your FVE vApp is as easy as pie! Why not do it today, then kick back for some holiday relaxation!
    • 18 Nov 2016

    Investigating Processes with Foglight - Part 2

    In Investigating Processes with Foglight - Part 1 , we looked at the default dashboards that give us insight into processes and their performance metrics on a host. A customer wanted a simple dashboard to display metrics on a specific process, without having to get the end user to drill down through the out-of-the-box dashboards. Here is an example of the final dashboard. Of course with Foglight, these are only limited...
    • 18 Nov 2016

    Investigating Processes with Foglight - Part 1

    A customer recently asked me for help building a simple dashboard that showed a specific process name and associated resource usage. They wanted to provide a single view to end users instead of having them go through the default dashboard's workflow. This post will cover the out of the box dashboards that are enabled with collecting processes with the Windows and Unix system agents. The first step is to make sure...
    • 17 Nov 2016

    Manage virtualization issues like the Sorcerer Supreme you want to be [new e-book]

    “Why do I have to manage virtualization?” you ask yourself. “After all, I put all that effort into virtualizing our environment so that I could manage less: less hardware, less storage and less physical infrastructure. I want all my virtualization issues to just go away.” Not even Dr. Strange could take care of that for you, I’m afraid. But you might find a few things in his comic books...
    • 17 Nov 2016

    Quest: Reduce your IT administration

    Our journey towards innovation aimed at reducing IT administration continues. We’ll deliver solutions that ensure that productivity, simplicity and value are synonymous, not exclusive. We'll help you manage and protect your data, take control of your Microsoft environment, keep track of every network-connected device, and provide appropriate user access across various platforms. This is who we are and how...
    • 16 Nov 2016

    Get Rid of That Noisy Alert Chatter! Part 3

    This is the last part in this series of how to configure your alarms to do exactly what you want them to do. If you haven't had a chance, read part two of this series " Get Rid of That Noisy Alert Chatter! Part 2. " Today, we will go over how to scope your variable. With this great tool, you can configure variables that will have different thresholds for different servers (like production, DR, and test)...
    • 16 Nov 2016

    Can Foglight Monitor a Port on a Host?

    I was recently asked by a colleague if Foglight had any ability to tell if a specified port is open on a host. I dug through my archives of custom agents that have been developed over the years, and I found one called PortMonitor (attached version 1....
    • 16 Nov 2016

    Prevent Spotlight on SQL Server Shenanigans with User Roles and Security

    Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise ‘s main purpose in life is to inform you of SQL Server performance problems, and then give you a quick way to diagnose their root causes so you can take action quickly. Email and mobile app notifications ...
    • 14 Nov 2016

    Get Rid of That Noisy Alert Chatter! Part 2

    I speak with administrators all the time that get alarms from objects they don’t care about, because in Foglight alarms generally apply to all your objects. An alarm comes in and you stop what you’re doing to check it out, and it’s usually about some server you can care less about. If this sounds familiar, read on. This is part two in a three-part series of how to configure your alarms to do exactly...
    • 11 Nov 2016

    Get Rid of That Noisy Alert Chatter! Part 1

    Often we hear from customers that they get so many alarms they don't have time to sort through them. The monitoring system they use fires too many alerts, and they just end up ‘white noise’ instead of actionable items. Are you getting too many alerts? Often times too many alerts is worse than too few. As administrators, we need to find a way of getting alerts from systems that are important and weed...
    • 10 Nov 2016

    It’s Alarming: Your Alarm Settings Could Be Ruining Your Performance Monitoring Initiatives

    In most organizations, the stakes are high in the ongoing fight to keep technical infrastructures from hurting business. The infrastructure can’t be the reason a business flails or fails. Think about your organization, and all the mechanizations and automation that are dedicated to supporting that infrastructure. Servers, databases, network devices, hypervisors – the list is long of the “things”...
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