Create an alert when a windows service restarts

 I would like to create an alert when a windows service restarts by itself. Does the OOB OS-Cartridge provide this kind of alerting functionality?




  • Hi Roshan,

    Please check out of box rule "Host Service Restart" and it will crate both alarm @UI and send out email.
    Please note this rule maybe disabled on your FMS and email it send is SYSADMIN variable

    Hope this helps

  • In reply to Lee Ai:

    Thanks Lee. The rule description says "This rule provides an email if an agent tries to restart a monitored service". Does it mean it will generate an alert if the IC agent is configured to restart a stopped service?
  • In reply to Lee Ai:

    Just some additional info.... The Rule that Lee mentioned is from Infrastructure cartridge (IC) and not the Legacy OS cartridge. So pls make sure you have IC cart installed.

  • In reply to roshan_varughese:

    Hi Roshan,

    you are right. The rule checks if a service is stopped and if it is configured in ASPs to be restarted. If both conditions are true, then it sends an email to SYSADMIN.