Need help in deleting stale netmonitor entries


Could someone lend a hand on how to delete 1000+ stale netmonitor entries?

I have the script to delete one entry which is highlighted at then but not for multiple entries.

NetMonitorDeviceMeasurement is the property to do query.

Thank You


  • Hi AJ,

    If these entries are indeed stale, you can add that topology type to the monthly DB maintenance.

    In the screenshot example we set the registry value to -1 which is the default schedule to delete stale items 30 days or older.

    How to Add Topology Objects to Stale Object Cleanup Dashboard

  • In reply to Rick.Stoner:

    Thanks Rick, right on point. But I had to do a trial basis to find out which Topology type is linked to the reference in Performance Browser objects as I faced mismatch in the count.

    Earlier it was showing 600+ where the number of netmonitor devices count to 150.

    After adding the topology type NetMonitorDeviceWrapper under registry I could find the stale entries which were deleted upon checkin' the time stamp.

    However, it still appears to be an issue with the count. Please refer the screenshot as to why this is happening.




  • I suggest you open a Support Request to diagnose.
  • In reply to Rick.Stoner:

    Hi Rick, as a matter of fact I opened the case longtime team reviewing the support bundle logs.

    Thanks once again.

  • Hi,
    Just an update - the count I thought was a mismatch actually makes sense after working with support.
    If you have same device names for different IPs, those are being group to one and the count is 1, if you expand it and the grouped items are 2 then the count will be 3. Here why 3? because it is including the grouped name along with 2 IPs.

    Hope this helps someone in future.