Change Report Logo

How can I change the Quest/Dell logos on my saved PDF reports?  I'd like to brand them with my organizations logo.  I can view and edit the reports via SQL Server Report Builder but I don't know where to save and attach my new logo.

  • Hi bfrazier,

    In order to add a new logo, save it as .gif, .jpg or .png and upload to Reporting Services Logos folder "Home > QKP > SharedResources > Logos". Then you can browse the Quest Knowledge Portal, and standing on the specific report click Customize Report View > Cover Page > Show cover page > pick your logo. I suppose you also can do the same in the Report builder. This action is for single report only, I will check additionally if we can do this for all reports in batch, but looks like no.
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    THANKS! One question though. How do I "upload to Reporting Services Logos folder "Home > QKP > SharedResources > Logos". Where is this option available?
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    You can access this folder directly through your browser if you connect to:

    http://<report server>/reports

    This will give you raw access to the SSRS site where you will see menu options for uploading content.
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    WOW! This is embarrassing. :blush:

    THANK YOU!! Found it!